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Embroidery patch

We are helping clothing firms to solve all kinds of problems about accessories!

The world is small, The most important, 

not where we are, but what we can!

​​​We are far away in China,


Rich expe​rience

We are several international clients nominated accessories suppliers for decades. We can well communicate with international client, base on clients’ demands, keep good relationship with clients and factory.

High re​sponsibility

HIGH QUALITY HIGH EFFICIENCY is our purpose, guarantee the production and delivery on time, timely deal with the problems in the cooperation.

One-s​top shopping

We provide the whole set of production and purchase of clothing labels, get achieve the one-stop shopping for you, effectively reducing procurement costs, save time and energy.

Our custom​ers

They choose us, and get the best service,You can also!


" great" 

See what our customers say.

Customer's recognition, is the best proof of qualification.

By our service, you will find, everything becomes simple, 

high quality, a lot of time, energy and costs are saved, 

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