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We fulfill our social responsibility, and contribute to society.


There are many people who need help in the world, they are suffering because of a variety of causes of disease, poverty, war, natural disasters. They can not be disregarded and ignored.

We may not be able to help everyone, but we can try to help more people. Make this world have one more happier person, and less of a bitter person, do we want to live in a world of pleasure?

YiMa will come up some fee each year, or some household items and school supplies, including clothes, shoes, notebook, pens, books, etc., provided free of charge to children in poor areas of China, to help them overcome their learning and living in some of the difficulties.

We knew that our power is very small, but we know this is the right thing is worth doing. As long as this force coming together, they form a powerful force, this force is the "positive energy", will make the world a better place..