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Don't worry about the price,

We will be happy to provide you with product quotation.

Due to the highly personalized clothing materials, so there is no standardized products and standardized prices. 

To get an accurate quote, you also need to provide us with additional product information, and the more detailed the better, such as:

• How much quantity?

• Specification and size?

• Several printing colors?

• Specific patterns?

• And other detailed requirements ...

If you can provide us with product design or sample picture, it would be great.

You need to understand:

we can not guarantee to provide you the lowest offer with counterparts, because we have to be responsible for the quality of products and services.

We can ensure that we provide high-quality products, reliable service, and competitive prices. Here, you can get high-quality products and reliable service, but does not need to pay expensive costs. We believe this is the result that you really need.

About shipping fee:

We have been optimizing cargo transportation system to improve transport efficiency and reduce transport costs. If we need to evaluate shipping cost, please provide the following information to us:

• Destination (country, city, zip code)

• Delivery mode(door to door, port to port, special requirements?)

Of course, you can specify your own forwarder to transport the goods, we will fully cooperate.