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Nowadays, you have to face global competition and the globalization of cooperation. YiMa is committed to providing integrated solutions for garment accessories worldwide partners, to achieve one-stop shopping for accessories.

Our main products include: hang tags, woven labels, print labels, leather labels, rubber patch, heat transfer label, sticker, package, and so on.

Our customers are located in North America, Europe and the Middle East. most of them worked with us more than ten years. At present, there is still a very good cooperative relationship. Their factories are all over the world, but we are appointed as garment accessories suppliers. 

The accessories like brand’s eyes, to reflect the brand's personality, gives the viewer a sense of pleasure, satisfaction, sense of identity. Therefore, you need better accessories, better communication and expressive. Fortunately, we have some advantages to help partners to achieve this goal.

We have complete industrial chain, rich experience and high sense of responsibility, so that we know how to help partners solve problems in accessories aspect. This allows our partners to find, everything becomes simple, a lot of time, energy and costs are saved, people feel happy. It also allows them to focus more on their core business, stay ahead of the competition.

Our vision is to create a greener, more content, more creative accessories to enhance the brand value of users, and reflect our responsibility to the world. 

All of this, we are willing to share with you.


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