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Why choose YIMA label?
From:YIMA | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-02-23 | 247 Views | Share:

We are a rare supplier that can fulfill all the following commitments in the industry:

- Provide you with the most cost-effective products, not the lowest or the most expensive, we will balance your design, aesthetics and cost;

- If the promised process or material is not used, re produce it for free;

- If the product has quality problems, re produce it for free;

- If the product is damaged during transportation, re produce it for free;

- 5% discount will be offered for each week if delivery is delayed for no reason;

- Keep each customer’s design permanently, provide you with fast production and exact the same quality in the future;

- 7 * 24-hour service;

We know that there are many suppliers in China, some of whom can offer extremely low prices. However, as you know, price is only one of the procurement costs, and quality, service, risk, and stability are also key factors in the procurement process.

We don't want to acquire orders with low prices and then consider how to reduce costs to make a profit. We hope to offer competitive products and services at reasonable prices to better showcase and even enhance your brand image.

Professional, Responsible and Reputation are our work ethic, take us as your employees in China. Just talk out your requirements and we will arrange everything.