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What types of tag labels are found on clothing?
From:YIMA | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-03-01 | 205 Views | Share:

There are several types of tags that are commonly found on clothing.

Classified according to use.

Size tags: These tags indicate the size of the garment and are usually located on the inside of the collar or waistband.

Care instruction tags: These tags provide information on how to care for the garment, including washing, drying, and ironing instructions.

Content tags: These tags indicate the composition of the fabric, including the percentage of different fibers used in the garment.

Brand tags: These tags display the name or logo of the brand that produced the garment.

Price tags: These tags show the price of the garment and are usually removed before wearing.

Country of origin tags: These tags indicate where the garment was manufactured.

RFID tags: These are electronic tags that use radio frequency identification technology to track the movement of the garment through the supply chain and in retail stores.

Each of these tags serves a different purpose and provides important information for the consumer, the manufacturer, or the retailer.

Classified by material.

Common materials include: paper hang tag, satin woven label, cotton printing label, leather label, PVC label, metal label, silicone label, and so on.