A story about 

family, love, and growth.

In 2008, in order to take care of the first child, Ms. Shuang.Wu had to work in SOHO.

At that time, Ms. Shuang.Wu had be working in this industry for six years. But when she started her own business, there is only one customer from Canada V Company.

In 2011, Ms. Shuang.Wu had more clients in Canada. She hired the first employee, and officially registered YIMA Co, the name comes from her husband's surname.

In the 2013, YIMA began to expand markets in other countries. Many more customers came from US, also Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Now many of them still have good cooperation with YIMA.

In 2014, YIMA bought an own office, which in a beautiful building around world top 500 companies. Also obtained the authorization certificate of Independent Import & Export from China government, and established a more standard management system. This is an important milestone in the history of YIMA. 

At this time, Shuang.Wu had her second child. But she said that she has three children, A sun, A daughter, and YIMA Co.

By 2018, YIMA had gain the trust of more than 170 worldwide clients with professional, responsible, quality and best service. Their factories are all over the world, including the region and China, but YIMA is the designated garment accessories supplier.

The story is continuing…

Looking forward to your story also…