Quality is our culture

We know the responsibility of the label, it is the carrier for brand. So you need a better label, better show your brand.

For us, we must make the label worthy of your brand.

What we are doing for the quality.

For our manufacturing department, we separate each production division distinctively, to create specialization and high quality in each of production lines.

All the products will undergo three inspections, including production process, after production, and before shipping. 

We strive to minimize the waste rate, and provide you with high quality products. So that you would be overwhelmed at what a small but efficient company like us can provide you.

We have the capacity to meet the demand of all our customers so that you don't have to worry about any delays. 

We'd like to encourage you to try our services as your overseas supplier, so we can help you ease the complications of bringing your vision for your brand/product identifications accessories, to reality.

Let's do better?

First, pay attention to every detail.

Second, formulate an optimized plan, make each label with better materials, better process, exquisite workmanship, strict inspection.

Last, control costs within the budget area.