Total solutions

As a high quality clothing labels Total Solution supplier, we are proud to provide the unified brand management and procurement, so that you don't have to deal with many suppliers, and save much of energy and cost.

Specifically, we help clients to solve various needs of brand labels, ornaments and packaging. Include hang tags, woven labels, printing labels, embroidery patches, leather patch, PVC patch, heat transfer label, sticker, hang tag strings, metal badge, and so on.

The job involves creativity and design, manufacturing and sourcing, delivery and service, and so on.

In each scenario, some products need to be customized, some need to be purchased, some in stock. 

For a very small label, there are various choices to show different styles. It means that we must consider various factors, including material, process, quality, cost, stability, delivery and so on, balancing quality and cost, find the most optimized solution for clients. 

Any solution must be based on the actual demand, which is in line with the best interests of the user, it is the guideline of our actions.

And the reason we can do this, thanks to our rich industry experience, professional skills, and a sound supply chain system, that is the strongest support for us. 

Based on these advantages, our team will provide you with efficient customer service, to simplify everything that's complicated.

Whether you already have a clear needs, or just an embryo idea, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss details with you and realize your concept.