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  • Competitive

    Why choose us

Treat Ourselves As Your Office In China.

  • We are a rare supplier that can fulfill all the following commitments in the industry:


    - Provide you with the most cost-effective products, balance your design, aesthetics, and cost;


    - If the promised process or material is not used, re produce it for free;


    - If the product has quality problems, re produce it for free;


    - If the product is damaged during transportation, re produce it for free;


    - 5% discount will be offered for each week if delivery is delayed for no reason;


    - Keep each customer’s design permanently, provide you with fast production and exact the same quality in the future;

    - 7 * 24-hour service;


    Professional, Responsible and Reputation are our work ethic, take us as your employees in China. Just talk out your requirements and we will arrange everything.



    For further information

    Nowadays, you have to face global competition and the globalization of cooperation. YIMA is committed to providing integrated solutions for worldwide partners, achieve one-stop purchasing of brand label and packing.


    We have complete industrial chain, rich experience and high sense of responsibility, so that we know how to help partners solve problems in brand label. This allows our partners to find, everything becomes simple, a lot of time, energy and costs are saved, feel so happy. It also allows them to focus more on their core business, stay ahead of the competition.


    Our vision is to create a greener, more content, more creative accessories to enhance the brand value of users, and reflect our responsibility to the world. All of this, we are willing to share with you.

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