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Custom Leather Pach

Customizable: material, color, thickness, shape, metal LOGO, backing...

  • Leather patch(label) is a commonly used label, which can be used on kinds of clothing, hats, bags, pet supplies, and so on.

    The raw materials of leather labels are divided into real leather and faux leather (PU). 


    Real leather is made of animal skin after factory processing, mainly including cowhide, pigskin and sheepskin. Real leather label is high-end but with high cost, it is high toughness, good wear resistance and air permeability. 


    Faux leather also called PU, it has the characteristics of many kinds of designs and colors, good waterproof, neat edge and low price. It has always been a very popular material, and with the progress of science and technology, faux leather can almost achieve the effect of real leather.


    In addition, completely environmentally friendly leather label technology has become increasingly mature, such as leather labels made from cactus raw materials.

  • Process specifications:


    • Material: Real leather, Faux leather / PU, Suede, Faux suede, Recycled materials...

    • Process: Debossed / Stamp, Embossed, Screen printing, Digital printing, Metal LOGO, TPU LOGO, Paint edge, Double layer, Punching, Embroidery…

    • Backing: blank, pin, sticker, iron on, velcro...


    • Metal label: We provide kinds of individual metal labels.

Leather Patch Samples

  • Real leather label

  • PU leather label

  • Leather label with metal LOGO

  • Printing LOGO leather label

  • Stamp with printing leather label

  • PU label with sticker

  • Suede label

  • Cut shape

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