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Custom Heat Transfer label

Customizable: LOGO, material, color, thickness, shape...

  • Heat transfer labels also known as “tag-less tags“, “iron on labels/patches”, “heat press labels/patches”, or “hot stamping label”.


    Custom heat transfer label has a rich sense of 3D and hierarchical, it can be made with kinds of colors and shapes as your needs, including neon colors, luminous and reflective effects. It is soft, delicate and neat.


    The heat transfer labels are easy to apply by using a household iron or an industrial heat press machine (recommended the seconed for best results).


    A nice heat transfers label must be very high quality and stand up through dozens of washes without fading or chipping away.

  • Process specification:

    • Material: Silicone, PVC, TPU, Flock, Vinyl, Printing ink…

    • Process: Embossed, Screen printing, Texture, Flocking, High frequency printing, Rhinestone, Noctilucent…

    • Suitable: Cotton, Polyester fiber, Linen fabric...

Heat Transfer Label Samples

  • 3D Silicone heat transfer label

  • TPU heat transfer label

  • DTF heat transfer label

  • Flocking heat transfer label

  • Flat silicone heat transfer

  • Toothbrush heat transfer

  • Offset printing transfer

  • Rhinestone heat transfer label

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