Custom Print Label

Customizable: LOGO, material, color, thickness, shape, coated, folding...

  • Printed labels may be the most diverse product labels, including a wide variety of materials and printing. 


    A very important task for printing labels is to ensure it is not easily faded while useing the correct colors. Of course, for some printing processes, it can be achieved to never fade like a woven label.

    All of which yield different results in the look, feel, and purpose of the label, we will suggest the best solution according to your needs, as well as the cost. 

  • Process specification:


    • Material: Satin, Cotton, Ribbon, Non-woven fabric, Tyvek, Paper, TPU, Silicone…

    • Process: Screen printing, Flexographic printing, Digital printing, Silicone printing, Heat transfer printing, sticker…

Print Label Samples

  • Silicone printing label

  • Cotton printing label

  • Care label printing

  • TPU printing label

  • Grosgrain ribbon printing

  • Silk ribbon printing

  • Tyvek printing label

  • Non-woven fabric label

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