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Custom Woven labels

Customizable: material, color, thickness, shape, folding, backing...

  • Woven label express LOGOs and brand name, text and graphics through fine yarn. It has the characteristics of high quality, various color, soft hand feeling, etc.


    Woven labels widely used in important marks of clothing, home textiles, bags, toys and so on, and is used to distinguish other brands and other sizes / models.


    Woven label has beautiful looks, high temperature resistance, non fading, washable, and the price is economic. Woven labels not just a logo label.


    Notice, woven is integrated with your garment for ever. So you need a excellent custom woven label for your brand.

  • Process specifications:


    • Material: Satin, Damask, Cotton, Shading woven, Metallic thread…

    • Process: 12 colors, Neon colors, High density, Double shuttle, Iron on backing, Cut shape…

    • Folded: End folded, Center folded, Hanger loop folded, Heat cutting, Laser cutting…

Woven Label Samples

  • Center fold woven label

  • End fold woven label

  • Stripe woven label

  • Neon color woven label

  • 12 colors woven label

  • Waterproof woven label

  • Woven patch

  • Iron on woven patch

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