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    Povide you the best quotation within 2 working days

  • For a personalized requirements, there is no standardized products and prices, it will be fully customized as your design, so the price depends on the style, process, size, and quantity.


    For production price:

    We would like to learn the following info to confirm price for you, include:

    • Product

    • Quantity

    • Material

    • Design (Size, color, thickness...)

    • Other specific requirements, such as packing, shipping.


    Kindly please notice: We couldn't please customer rely on the lowest price. The price must be responsible for quality and service. Here, you can get the best quality and best service, with reasonable price.

    That's what you really need, isn't it?


    About sample price:

    The similar sample in stock is free.

    Some customized sample is free also, such as woven label, but it depends on the needs.

    Other customized sample will charge model fee, such as hang tags, leather & rubber patch, embroidery patch, package bag, and so on. The final price depends on the design. 

    A good news, the sample fee can be refunded to you when large bulk.  


    About shipping cost:

    The shipping cost depends on the weight, volume, destination, and the mode of transportation. We will calculate the shipping cost according to your needs.

    Of course, you can specify your own forwarder to transport the goods, we will fully cooperate.

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