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  • Samples

    Provide custom samples and spot samples.

  • May I ask a sample?

    Sure. Before placing an order, you may like to get a sample to check the quality or confirm your needs. In this regard, we fully understand.


    Any charge for the sample?

    Most of samples in stock are free.

    We have a huge sample stock, where we can find the sample similar to your needs, many styles can be sent for your reference. It will save much time and cost for you.


    If necessary, we will customize sample according to your requirements, and it will be the standard of bulk and delivery.

    Customized samples may requiry a pattern fee or model fee, the cost price depends on the design and item.

    Of course, the sample fee will be refunded when the order quantity is large. 


    Time of customized sample?

    Around 3 - 5 working days, it depends on the design and material.


    How to see the sample?

    The sample can be sent to you by express, or send the picture to you (The most popular way). 

    All depends on your needs.

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