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  • Delivery

    Fast and safe shipping with low cost

  • How to shipping?

    We need to consider the both the shipping time and cost to select the best mode of transport, fast and economical. 


    We have a complete logistics supply system, including air freight, sea freight, railway, truck, express delivery, etc.

    Our main partners include: DHL (Member), FedEx (Member), UPS, K&N, etc.


    Shipping time reference (Door to door):

    • Express (DDP or DAP): 4 - 8 working days.

    • Air (DDP or DAP): 10 - 12 working days

    • Railway & Truck (DDP): 30 - 40 working days

    • Fast ship(DDP): 24 - 28 working days

    • Ship (DDP): 40 - 50 working days

    The finial time depends on the goods weight and country/region.


    Shipping cost:

    The shipping cost depends on the following info:

    • Weight and volume

    • Destination (Country, city)

    • Mode of transport

    • Customs expenses (Different policies in different countries) 



    The shipping time affected by the weather, holidays, customs clearance, or other force force majeure factors, so in special cases, delivery time may be delayed. 

    We will always pay attention to the shipping status of an order, update the latest info to you.


    Of course, you can specify your own forwarder, we'll help to do all the work. 

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